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Need customized duct work solutions for your home or business? You don't have to worry about how to make it all work when you trust LK Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC to handle the job for you.

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You can depend on our reliable, trained technicians to handle any of your duct work needs, including custom fabrication of your duct work for any home or business. Get your outside duct work completed fast as well.

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-Call us for any duct service needs

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Let us customize a solution for you - you may qualify for 90 day financing, too.

You can expect our dependable technicians to always create and install duct work that meets the highest quality standards. Depend on a company with 26 years of experience.

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Let the experienced professionals at LK Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC handle all of your home and business needs, including sheet metal, air conditioning, and heating services.

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